Top Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Plans

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Office 365 Enterprise helps businesses manage their document sharing, online meetings, and other Office projects with ease. This product is a great option for a business that wants to allow its workers to work together. However, keep in mind that you will need a stable internet connection to take full advantage of everything the Office 365 Enterprise suite has to offer.

Users can choose from several available plans. Here are the most common Office 365 Enterprise plans that Microsoft currently offers:

Office 365 ProPlus

This plan goes for $12 per month per user. It includes the common Office tools like Word 2016, PowerPoint 2016, and Excel 2016, which you can download on your Mac or PC. You can also access your documents from your mobile devices. A new reply button is included for you to mark and keep track of each comment made in Word docs, so that your workers understand what parts of a document their colleagues have changed.

You can get ProPlus either from or directly from Microsoft. With ProPlus, you will also have access to other online services, such as Excel Self-Service Business Intelligence and Professional Digital Story Telling.

Office 365 E1

E1 costs $8 per month per user, and much like ProPlus it includes the Office 2016 suite with email for the online services. It also allows video conferencing through Skype. You will get 1TB of file storage space and a 50 GB email mailbox. You also have unlimited online meeting and IM capabilities.

Office 365 E3

The E3 plan costs $20 per month per user. Along with the E1 and ProPlus features, you will also get additional services including information protection, voicemail integration, and compliance tools. The email mailbox comes with unlimited storage space, but only for the in-place archive.

Office 365 E5

E5 is the most expensive plan; it costs $35 per month per user. It includes all the features of E3, but it also has unified communications capabilities. E5 comes with an enhanced Skype for voice capabilities and Business meetings. Organizations worried about data security might prefer the E5 plan, because it offers enhanced data security capabilities.

All of these MS Office Enterprise Edition plans come with an unlimited number of users, easy file-sharing capabilities, and storage of 1 TB per user. They all include the online versions of the standard Office 2016 applications: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.